Blue Mountain K-9 specializes in private training lessons. We deal with everything from Basic Obedience to Aggression, to Personal Protection. Check out our current activities below and contact us about enrolling in one of the programs.

 Blue Mountain K-9 offers a variety lessons to teach you how to handle and train your dog. A basic obedience foundation can open lines of communication between you and your dog making both of your lives happier. Your dog will start to understand what you expect, and you will have the understanding of how to set the ground rules in a way the dog understands. Every year pet owners get rid of dogs because of behavior problems, but even just basic obedience can resolve most of these issues.

Premium Dog Training Services for Morgantown, Fairmont, and Clarksburg, WV

Private Lessons

One on one lessons where not only will your dog learn new commands, but you learn how to teach these commands to your dog. Private lessons are about educating you as a dog owner as much as it is for training your dog. Training focuses on basic commands and good manners. You can also address and troubleshoot common behavioral problems that you experience in and around your home. With private lessons, provide you and your dog with weekly “homework” you will be able to complete with your pet while at home. Private lessons are ideal for experienced and new pet owners alike. As long as you implement the lessons our trainers provide you and your dog, at home, you will start to see a massive improvement in your dog’s ability to focus and obey commands. Contact us today for more information regarding dog training services for Morgantown, Fairmont, and Clarksburg, WV. 

Good Manners

Basic Obedience

Advanced Obedience

CGC preparation

Behavior Modification

Behavior modification is geared toward changing specific unwanted behavior in your dog. Highly trained experts are here to assist you with weeding out undesirable behaviors and habits your dog displays. Whether it’s a simple fix, such as modifying how your dog walks on a leash, or something more difficult to subdue, such as anxiety induced chewing, our training methodologies lead to results. No matter the age of your dog or the temperament and habits they may have, we can help. Our highly trained experts can teach obedience commands or work with your dog on specific behaviors. The training we provide you and your dog are meant for enhanced, long-term success—not as a quick fix method that will leave you coming back repeatedly and paying even more to have your dog re-trained. We strive to help owners and their dogs live happier and healthier lives through our dog training services for Morgantown, Fairmont, and Clarksburg, WV. 

Anxiety Issues



Dog Reactivity

People Reactivity




Puppy Consultation

We can help you as your puppy transitions into a happy and healthy adult. This is an educational consultation for puppy owners to cover topics such as house training, crates, and socialization. Our puppy consultation session is a great way to start, as it will allow us to assess your puppy and get to know what you are looking for by way of training and behavior expectations. With our expert dog training services for Morgantown, Fairmont, and Clarksburg, WV, Blue Line K-9 aims to provide you and your dog with the most accurate and useful services. Our puppy consultations are ideal for new dog owners looking to better understand what they can expect as their pup grows up.  



House Training


Crate Training


Group Class

      Group training is designed for dogs have a solid base of                           obedience and gives them an environment in which to work                   exercises and focus on owners in the presence of other dogs and             owners.

Board and Train

Board and Train lets owners drop off their dog for a period of time and trainers work with the dog on a daily basis teaching obedience commands.  

       2 Weeks - Leash Walking




       3 Weeks - Recall

       4 Weeks- Heeling