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Initial Evaluation
Puppy Consultation

Initial Evaluation

Dogs of all ages are able to be trained and here at Blue Mountain K9 that's exactly what we do. Initial evaluations are a great way to start, as it allows us to assess your dog and get to know what you are looking for by way of training and behavior expectations. Following the evaluation, the trainer will be able to determine how many sessions will be necessary and the package that will suit your particular dog. With our expert dog training services, we aim to provide you and your dog with the most accurate and useful services. 

                                                      Initial Evaluation is $30.00(plus tax). 







Puppy Consultation


Puppy consultations are also something we offer. This is an educational consultation for puppy owners to cover topics such as house training, crates, and socialization. Our puppy consultations are ideal for new dog owners looking to better understand what they can expect as their pup grows up.  

                                                            Puppy Consultation is $30.00(plus tax).



House Training


Crate Training


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