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Private Lessons

One on One

During one on one lessons not only will your dog learn new commands, but you learn how to teach these commands to your dog.




Private lessons are about educating you as a dog owner as much as it is for training your dog. These lessons are ideal for experienced and new pet owners alike. Training focuses on basic commands/obedience and good manners. You can also address and troubleshoot common behavioral problems that you experience in and around your home. Weekly "homework" will be provided following each private lesson to help encourage continued training outside of our facility. The more work done in your dogs everyday setting, at home, you will begin to notice a major improvement in your dog's ability to focus and obey commands.


**The price for each Training Package varies depending on the amount of sessions. Both will be discussed during the initial evaluation.  

Good Manners

Basic Obedience

Advanced Obedience

CGC preparation

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