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Behavior Modification

Addressing Specific Behaviors

Behavior modification is geared toward changing specific unwanted behavior in your dog.




Highly trained experts are here to assist you with weeding out undesirable behaviors and habits your dog displays. Whether it’s a simple fix, such as modifying how your dog walks on a leash, or something more difficult like anxiety induced chewing, our training methodologies lead to results. No matter the age of your dog or the temperament and habits they may have, we can help. 


The training we provide you and your dog is meant for enhanced, long-term success—not as a quick fix method that will leave you coming back repeatedly and paying even more to have your dog re-trained. We strive to help owners and their dogs live happier and healthier lives. 

**The price for each Training Package varies depending on the amount of sessions. Both will be discussed during the initial evaluation.  

Anxiety Issues



Dog Reactivity

People Reactivity



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